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about us

The Owner/Operators:
King’s Services is owned and run by Salvo & Cecelia. Both have extensive experience with customer service, quality control and an eye for attention to detail. When it comes to Interior cleaning, bond cleaning & rubbish removal we pride ourselves on being able to offer our services to you by being the only faces you see come into your home each week/fortnight. When you phone King’s you know that the person you are speaking to will be the person cleaning in your home. There is no language barrier or information that gets lost in transit, we won’t send someone else to do the work you want us to do.
Our Team:
Over the last years of being in business Salvo and Cecelia have a team of highly professional & trained members who have been welcomed to join Kings Services. Our team have the same high standards throughout all our other services



“Are YOU being serviced”

King’s Services is in short; the only number you need in your phonebook for a range of different services. With over 75 years of combined experience in the field, we have an expert for each service, ensuring that you get only the best service.

At King’s you will find no hidden cost or sales gimmick, what you see is what you get. We believe in an honest approach to all our current and prospective clients. We don’t cut corners to save time, we take the extra time needed to ensure 100% satisfaction. Nothing is more important to us than a satisfied customer.

We have a prompt response for your convenience we will always aim to satisfy your requirements in 24hours of contact.

We use only the safe products; some people perceive this as; if it is safe will it be a non effective product? We know that we don’t have to use harsh abrasive chemicals to get something to sparkle. We understand the initial response to a safe product and we simply put it down to.. See the results for yourself. We have used the same products in all our years of business for a reason; they work!

We will always do an obligation free quote and are fully insured.